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When creating content about your work it helps to step out of yourself to better connect with others and make room in your work your audience. This is essential when promoting and doing social media which for some can feel vulnerable, superficial, and boastful. Use this concept and philosophy I have created to approach and re-frame the art of self-promotion to be a productive and soul enriching process. Think back and create avatars for each of the following archetypes. Each one will be a mix of people you have met, seen in passing or read about. Have fun and know that these avatars are real and in many ways are a reflection of yourself.

THe artist 
of your

Who is the ideal artist you want to become? What do they do? What makes them unstoppable? How do they stand? Become that and address your work from this point of view. Speak and promote yourself from their shoes; YOUR new shoes. Make this more amusing than intimidating by imagining this person as yourself with the cliche french beret.

The Relentless Cheerleader

Think back to that one friend in grade school or your aunt who always cheered you on. Nothing you did was ever doubted or questioned. If it was up to them it would have been all gold star stickers for you. If you never met one of these people become one, then look for them in movies or books. Know that they are always there pointing out your wins never sweating your misses. Acknowledge and address them when creating content. Feel safe looking at them straight in the eye.

The Abundant Consumer aka Rich Bitch Friend

Do you realize that money is just printed paper? This means that as creators, we too can create value on the fly! Some people know this more that others. Think of those people, there are more than one, who consume + consume, buy + buy without breaking a sweat. Yes they exist. Think of characters you might have seen on television, movies or books. Price, package and sell keeping them in mind. They are your friend and want two of everything you have.

Play to your new Audience

When you combine these three archetypes and make them your primary audience, you talk about yourself with purpose, joy and confidence. Never play to the haters. Know that just like there are haters there will always be your Triad! Let the haters fade and your Triad emerge to the front row as you take center stage in your art world.

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