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The 6M Map

The 6M Map

Become a better artist in 2023


Put everything you are doing and have already done in place

to become the artist you have always wanted to be.

You are closer than you think.


Every month we will work on 1 of 6 important steps to get you and us closer to your dream show or dream project.


You recieve the concept and worksheet the first week of the month, then we work together the last Saturday of the month to fine tune it.





  • Jan: Learn to tell your story. We will write a bio and artist mission statement that is authentic and aligned with your goals.
  • Feb: Take a deep look at your art practice and your material and find out why you do what you do so we can love it with you.
  • March: You have already done the work. Define your idea and show us what you want to give and put out into the world.
  • April: The art world is defined by the artist, YOU! Lets define and map out the world you want to conquer.
  • May: Let's say what we want with conviction and absolute confidence. Learn to communicate like a boss to get where you want to go.
  • June: Now you are ready to show your work, share your ideas, and be the artist you have always wanted to be with limitless opportunities.


Billed as a $100 per month subscription for six month. Total $600 for the complete program. 

2023 will be your year! Our year! 


    Price Options
    $100.00every month for 6 months
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