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6M2 1
  • 6M2 1

    This will be your first of six steps in making something special of the next six months.  You will craft a biography and mission statement unlike any before, using a magik formula to arrive at a living document that is aligned and succinct to where you want to go as an artist.


    Moving forward we will look at where you are, where you’ve been, where you want to go and build up from there. Be lite, be bold and more than anything you will learn how to allow yourself to shift, pivot and grow into the next evolution of yourself. 


    The "Get Your Story Straight" Downloadable Workbook includes: 

    • Introduction
    • A note about time
    • A bio
    • Biography + formula
    • A Mission statement + Formula
    • Concept + magic formula
    • Bio: Martin's Example
    • Artist Statement: Martin's Example
    • Conclusion


    Zoom Meet up:
    Sat July 29, 233pm est

    You will be emailed the zoom link a week before the meet up. 

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