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Something to be Grateful for!

It is Thanksgiving! A sorted American tradition with the best of intentions, but we don’t need any of that baggage to be grateful. Something to be grateful for is that you are: An Artist, A Creator! Most people go their whole lives consuming, looking for fulfillment in “taking” what the world hands them, unknowing that what we really need is what we can make with our own hands. You can do that!!! That is your gift.

I am so grateful that there are artists like you creating from a place on integrity. The world needs more of what you make. I am grateful that you and I can deliberately make art as an offering to a famished world, while creating a livelihood and giving value to our art practice. Let’s get out there today and always, to create a beautiful world that we can all be thankful for.

What are you grateful for as an artist?

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