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Someone Needs to Hear Your Story

As an artist and creative person everything you do has the potential to be art, including social media. Join me and other Collage Bosses and learn “storytelling” from a place of power and authenticity for social media as an art and for business.

Tell your story like never before with purpose and unshakable authority.

Learn how to get rid of the haters and learn who to post for and how.

When you join we will prepare and work in real time to design a social media strategy with the deliberate goals to:

  • Develop your authentic social media voice through measured posts that are right for you

  • Grow and reframe your audience as a "Community"

  • Initiate conversation with your new community

  • Invite your community into your creative process

  • Educate your community how and why to buy from your studio business

PLUS: Brainstorm Sessions- Weekly group zoom meetings with Luis Martin The Art Engineer and other Collage Bosses to share and develop ideas on crafting your personalized social media.

Make 2022 the year your Studio Practice grows into a Studio Business.

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