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It is still the new year! Even though the marketing for calendars and fitness gear is gone, it is always a great time to plan ahead and have big goal. BUT- let’s take a second top <PAUSE> . If you look around closely , there will always be books, and people like me to motivate you and offer you a three point plan of action, but not today!

Today I am asking you to halt the effort of have to be anything more than what you are NOW, in this very moment. When we stop and let the baggage down, both the fun baggage and the bad, we can check in with ourselves to recognize how far we’ve come.

Take a moment to congratulate yourself for being an artist! It has been said that Artists are kids that survive childhood, and that is no small feat. In this moment pat yourself on the back, if only just with a smile in the mirror to yourself. The moment we make a practice of validating ourselves we stop from seeking it from a broader society and other people.

Congratulations, in this very moment you are an artist!

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