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Noble Struggle In Art?

What makes good art? It is so obvious that we take it for granted. What makes good art: art made by happy, healthy artists. We have to be weary of the old tropes in art and in society. Particularly in the era of Covid, that we are not lead to choose tired ideas of “lack and suffering” to justify good art. This is especially true for POC artists who are lead to believe that the “Noble or Humble Struggle” keeps us true to our roots!

I adamantly REFUSE to believe this and hope you take a stand with me.

Ask yourself what your work would look like if you allowed yourself to stand by your work and shared it from a place of “agency”. Not seeking approval or validation from galleries or the viewer,: instead offering your work as a “proof of concept”? This is what art looks like when I allow myself to love what I do, when I do not let my insecurities and fears creep into my relationship with myself or with others.

We are so free that we can choose bondage to justify creative ruts, sell more work from a victim’s point of view or even because its easy to believe the lies society prescribes to us, than to stand up and fight the gravity of the micro and macro manifestations of oppression. Choose to thrive now by looking in and identifying any stories you might be telling yourself about what “sacrifices” you have to make to be an artist. Do they sound like “Self-Limiting” beliefs? Then they are. Thrive now by eliminating these narrative and replacing them with new ones that encourage a healthier relationship with you and your work.

What stories are you letting go of now?

Share in the comments, I want to know and route for you!

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