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Come from Power. Avoid the three M’s

When you approach your art practice, see it as an invitation to come from a place of power. There are too many external influences in our societal construct that take away from our joy and pride by way of fear and anxiety. Let your art be what lifts you and connects you to your community.

Look out for the three M’s. Each is a trope that has been sold to use by way of romance, horror stories and myth. There are endless ways to be an artist, do not limit yourself by these three nefarious archetypes.

  1. Mystery: Don’t hide behind a black wardrobe and a frown. You will attract more people to your work by way of communication and transparency, than coy pouty projections.

  2. Misery: It is the biggest lie that good art only comes from pain. Nothing is worth your peace of mind, especially what others think of your work.

  3. Mode: It is the biggest trope to idealize artists like Basquiat, Haring and Frida and wear strife as a fashion statement or badge of honor. I repeat, NOTHING is worth your peace of mind and wellness.

It is your responsibility to set yourself up for success, and that mean YOU have control, you are driving this bus. No one will hand over Basquiat’s crown, Haring’s Branding deals or Frida’s Iconic statue, you build that one step at a time.

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