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Let’s step into a safe space to build context from a place of power and mobilize our ideas in community.

The 6M2 Art Boss program is starting the first week of July. 

For the second go around of the program I am focusing on serving the Latinx community. The 6 month program is an individual journey taken together as a group. Throughout the six months you will funnel the work you have been doing throughout your career to develop a new project or create a new context to an existing series. 


Why Latinx? 

As a Latinx brown queer man, that does not pass as white or black, I have had limited opportunities to access platforms and share my work within the art world context. Most, if not all of the opportunities, that I have not created for myself  have been thanks to other Latinx culture workers. 


I am creating a network of Latinx artists and culture workers with similar experiences to support our ideas and mobilize our projects on fertile ground.


We will leverage and validate our American experiences by stepping into a place of power and working in community where you are not "the other" or need to justify the traumas of living in the US as a person of color. 


This 6 month session is open to Artists and Culture workers in all levels of their careers and mediums. 

On the use of the word Latinx

Labels are used to facilitate identification and grouping. In our volatile social political environment these labels are weaponized. They become a source of contention and division instead of prompting unification. During the 6M2 Program I will be using the world Latinx as general term to refer to the Latin American Diaspora. 


Why me? 

If you are getting this message we have worked together in some capacity and you are aware of my dedication to the Latinx community and the art community at large aka the #ArtFam. 

It is not enough for me to create art, show it and sell it. I want to hold the door and facilitate success for artists and culture workers within a context that is not bound to the eurocentric framework of the art world. 



The tuition for the program is $150 monthly for six months or $720 one time payment with a 20% Discount (Normally $900).  Please note Art Boss is a small business with a mission to serve and facilitate success to the #ArtFam. 



The Schedule 




The first week of every month you will receive an email with the corresponding month’s module and a video going over the material.  


*One on One Check-In 

30 min

At mid-month I will meet with you individually via Zoom to check-in on your ideas about the module and progress. 


*Group Session 

1.5 hours

The last week of every month we will meet as a community to share our work and grow from our experiences. 


The Experiment + The Goal 

Come see what amazing things you can accomplish when you are given fertile ground in the way of a community that only sees the potential in what you have to offer. 


By the end of the program you will have a thesis project that is aligned with your personal goals as an artist and that will propel you in the direction that is right for you. A creative art practice is soul work, one that does not get easier, you will get stronger. 

If you want to grow and develop your creative practice with the Latinx 6M Program set up a zoom conversation below or jump in and join us now. 


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