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Turn your creative practice

into a studio business.

learn to thrive as an
art entrepreneur
Create your art business
a place of power and authenticity 

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Tell your story
Like never Before

Communicate from a place of power, with purpose and unshakable authority. Learn how to get rid of the haters and  learn who to post for and how.

"This truly is a Master Class! Collage Boss Blueprint and Luis Martin went above and beyond in this class. As an artist of over twenty years, I've taken many classes, so my expectations at this point in my career is high and Collage Boss Blueprint met that challenge.  I was looking at how to expand and market my collage business, in addition to finding cohorts who were on the same playing field as I was. I found all this and more, and I highly recommend anyone wanting a stronger knowledge base, affirmation and the tools to move their creativity out into the world take this class!"

Working from Home


Studies have shown that participants in e-courses are more likely to succeed if they are provided with support and are integrated into a community.


When you participate in a Collage Boss course you become part of a community that meets regularly via group zoom sessions to brainstorm, share and activate essential ideas into practice.



Artist in Art Studio

The ultimate foundation course to create a studio business from your creative practice. 

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A social media bootcamp for artists to learn how to tell their story from a place of power and authenticity for business. 


The fastest way to create your studio business with accountability and a  focused personalized plan of action. 

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This programing is for people of color and anyone who does not fit into the system.

I want to share what I have had to learn, to create the opportunities no school, gallery, institution or brand has given me.  Activate your creative work right now from a place of power.



Born in Los Angeles, and based in New York City, Luis Martin began his journey in the art museums of LA where he worked as a teen. Moving to NYC at the age of 19, he continued to work at cultural institutions before attending art school.


His artistic career flourished through self-initiated projects that aim to create visibility and access to his art practice and that of other artists. He ran his own gallery in Brooklyn where he curated artists across the country. Independently he has exhibited nationally and internationally around the world. Most recently in Merida, Mexico where he had a solo show of collages created during his stay. 


Let's Create SomethinG NOW

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