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Artist Days

A Social Media Bootcamp: Spring 2022

Saturday April 2, 2022

Meeting ID: 878 5051 3324
Passcode: 491226



Dearest Artist!


Thank you for reminding me that we have one more week to show up from a place of power in community. I apologize for my early dismissal! In the spirit of circling back, let’s confirm, commit and plan for success. In the week four module you will find a form and a contract of sorts where you can commit to a date to execute your DARE activities and more. The final prompt map is a celebration of our accomplishments! Let’s learn from each other and add to the conversation we have started by modeling our social media after our successes. I look forward to seeing your play and thrive in your DARE activities.

Luis Martin / The  Art Engineer 


Artist Days Spring 2022


Circle Back to the concept of the Triad and make them personal. Make them your own.

Give your Triad names so that when you create content you know exactly who your audience and meet them half way. Remember these can be people in your life or archetypes you have seen in film. Both will help you create and manifest with easy.


Inalienable Truths

Thinking about the inalienable truths of Artist Days. Right now which one gives you a clearer sense of purpose in your social media journey?


Check in on your Goals


Check in With Luis 

DARE Activities Choices

Thanks for submitting!
This is what it looks like to decide from a place of POWER! 


Take a moment to pat yourself on the back and cheer your fellow artists. Study each prompt. Use your personal understanding of each of the artists to model and craft your own posts. Make each post your own by adding to the conversations taking place here. This is what your community looks like! Surround yourself with artists that lift you by the sheer inspiration of their own power to lift themselves.

Screen Shot 2022-03-27 at 7.57_edited.jpg
Screen Shot 2022-03-27 at 8.03_edited.jpg
April 3

Selfie: Share your Journey
April 4

Art: Collection
Screen Shot 2022-03-27 at 7.59_edited.jpg
Screen Shot 2022-03-27 at 7.58_edited.jpg
Screen Shot 2022-03-27 at 8.01_edited.jpg
Screen Shot 2022-03-27 at 8.06_edited.jpg
Screen Shot 2022-03-27 at 8.19_edited.jpg
April 5

Sell Something 
April 6

Studio Porn: Make it personal  
Art IN THE WORLD: Collector's house
April 8

April 9
Context: What inspires you.
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Further Support 
You can follow along on my instagram account @ArtEngineer and see how I craft the prompts to make them my own. 
Reach out via email at 

One on One:
Schedule a one on one session with me to go deeper and align your creative and business goals with your social media.
Week 3



Dear Artists,

Thank you for a wonderful session this past Saturday. So wonderful we went over time. PLEASE remember: YOUR SUCCESS is OUR success! Personally I am invested in your art practice and want to see each of you succeed. The best part of this is that “success” looks very different for each of us.


Ask yourself right now: What does success look like for me? Once you know what it is, success starts to fall into place. What “will” look  the same for all of us, is that we will have crafted a community that supports our dreams knowing that by us “having” does not mean “going without” for others. This is a world of plenty we are crafting here.


As leader of this conversation my biggest ask is that you trust and commit to new ideas about your POWER. This is a safe space for you to evolve and shape shift into your “self of power”. While you nor I might know what that looks like, we definitely know what it feels like!


We are here for each other!

Luis Martin 



I think we have seen enough examples of great social media. For this week let’s use our imagination to craft our posts for the following prompts. These prompts are designed to promote and connect both of your DARE activities to your community. You have the goods, now let’s put it into play

Sat March 26 Easter Eggs: 
Create an image that shows or gives clues to art you will be using in your Live or selling. Think of posting a selfie with the postcard you will be offering in the background.


SuN 27 Resource Inspiration: Create  an image that gives credit to your inspirational sources, think about historical figures, books, music, what informs your work? Celebrate that connection here.


Mon 28 Tools or Materials you will be using: Create an image that subliminally gives a preview of what you will be using in your Live.


Tue 29 Unfinished work you will be working on: Create an image of a  “work in progress” that you will finish on your Live.


Wed 30 Announcement: Create an image using “Canva” to invite your community to your Live. “Join me on the following Saturdays at 10pm for live collaging and tea…” Craft it so it is yours!   


Thur 31 Rep your town: Create an image that celebrate your town. You are a local artist, send us a postcard!


Fri 1 Selfie: Remind us of your awesome vibe we will see in the Live!


Sat 2 Product placement: Create an image offering a sale. Show your community how to support you.

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EXERCISE: Muscle Memory

Set yourself up for success


  1. Get two of the same magazines.

  2. Create two identical sets of collage material one from each magazine.

  3. Use one set to make a sample collage.

  4. Use this collage as a loose guide for your Live.

  5. On the day of the Live, use your second set to recreate your collage knowing you have everything you need.

  6. Rinse and repeat


How to go live 

Week 2

Week TWO



WEEK Two  

Dearest Artist, 

This is your prompt map for week tow. Please commit to do the prompt labeled “Homework”. Take a look and explore the different images and how each artist individually approached their posts. Craft a bold ideas for a post that you would never do BUT someone coming from a place of absolute power would absolutely love to do... Get creative and have fun!

1 Art in the world.png
2 Selfie Drama.png
March 19

Art: ART In the world  

Selfie: Drama in the studio 
3 Collection.png
4 Happy Buyer.png
5 Context .png
6 Toot .png
7 Offering.png
March 21

Show A Collection or Series 
March 22

Happy Buyer/ Collector  
March 23

Who are your heroes in your work?
March 24

toot your our horn. 
March 25

INVITE your community to buy in.
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It was an absolute pleasure to meet with everyone this past Saturday! There is so much talent in this group to start movements and revolutions, but for now let’s start with a post! Watch the replay of our conversation, while you work and see what ideas resonate with you on the second pass. Below is Week 2’s prompt map and the DARE activities. Choose to be part of one or both and start drafting ideas. DO NOT START THE DARE UNTIL AFTER OUR SECOND MEETING.  I am excited to see how you show up.

Staple time + Dates: Choose a day of the week and time that you can commit to show up. It can be as early or as late needed as long as it is easy for you to show up.


Time frame: To get started go life for 5-10 minutes tops! This will give you an idea of what you would like to do during your live.


Theme + Style: What is the excuse to connect? Think of something to do and how.

Consider mixing the following ideas by picking one from the theme column and one from the style column:


  • Themes: Collaging, sharing existing work, looking at magazine or books.


  • Styles: Talking to yourself, silent with “copy free’ music in the background, over-head camera with just your hands showing, showing your face addressing the camera.


Invitation post: Post an announcement on your social media a few days before  and on your stories the day of your LIVE.


Example post: I am going live today. Join me from my studio and collage with me.


Reach out to your community: personally invite your artist friends, cheerleaders, and rich bitches!

Dare 1: GO LIVE

This DARE is a barometer that will gage your community’s engagement and how ready they are to support your offerings and sales. This is low risk and high reward exercise. Enjoy the process.


Print Postcard: Choose a work of art you LOVE, take a good picture of it and create a standard postcard.



  • Choosing Art: To choose an image look at your highest ranking post on instagram and choose the one with the best track record.

  • Print: Use Canvas prices start at $20 in the US/ in France.


Frame: Go to a cheap art store and buy a pack of four frames. Do not spend more than $20. Make sure all four are the same.



  • Go to Michael's in the US. or M. Bricolage or Bricomarche in France

Photo Shoot: Take a clean photo of your postcard in your studio, or somewhere unexpected like a library or a hotel.


Post Offering: Post the best image of the “Product” and craft your own version of the sales offering:


“ From my studio to you. I have a few Framed Postcard of one of my favorite collages for sale. (Title here) is about (in the fewest words possible, what is it about). I am especially excited about (point out something the viewer might not see or know about the work) *TELL THEM HOW TO BUY: DM me for purchase, or visit my website."


Exposure: Post three more images of the frame.


The Math:

  • Investment: Frames $20 / Printing $20 = $40

  • Offering: Framed postcard: $25 Each x 4 = $100

  • Profit: Subtract investment $40 - $100 = $60


Now scale this up! What if you sold each frame for $50 or $150!

Dare 2: Offers A SALE

Week 1

Start HerE: INTRO

Week ONE 

Welcome to Artist Days! This is a social media “bootcamp” for artists to craft social media postings that create a narrative from a place of power and authenticity while creating community around the work we do.  Every Monday you will receive a prompt map for the week ahead. Each map is filled with ideas to make your own while learning how to address your audience with purpose. To begin, watch the introduction video to get familiar with the core ideas and “staple” images you will need for your posts. The real magic happens in our live zoom sessions. Please come prepared with your curiosity, your homework and some ideas to share with the group.

I look forward to getting started.

Luis Martin 


Core concepts 

Identify your Goals

What kind of social media presence do you want to create?

A. Portfolio

B. Art shop

C. Soap box

D. Artist journal

E. Motivational


Once you have decided what kind of social media presence you want, (I vote for F. All of the above!) use that to inform how you approach the posting prompts.

In a month from now, how do you want your social media to be different? What do you want from social media?

Inalienable Truths

As we move forward and create community together there are three fundamental truths that will be the foundation and core of how we craft our social media. These are unquestionable and inalienable truths.


  1. Social Media Is Not Personal or Real

  2. Art IS power

  3. What you do Matters!

Meet Your TRIAD 

Before you share your next post take a moment to think about who you are posting for. Sometimes when we post we automatically play to the “haters” and edit ourselves, cutting ourselves short. Let's do this differently NOW.

I would like to introduce you to the TRIAD, your new audience. These three archetypes are the new audience you will be addressing with each of your posts in Artists Days. Let these three people skip the line and block the haters as they rush to see you in the front row as you take center stage. Here they are:


The Artist of your dreams:

Who is the ideal artist you want to become? What do they do? What makes them unstoppable? How do they stand? Become that and address your work from this point of view. Speak and promote yourself from their shoes; YOUR new shoes. Make this more amusing than intimidating by imagining this person as yourself with the cliché french beret.


The Relentless Cheerleader:

Think back to that one friend in grade school or your aunt who always cheered you on. Nothing you did was ever doubted or questioned. If it was up to them it would have been all gold star stickers for you. If you never met one of these people, become one for someone else, then look for them in movies or books. Know that they are always there pointing out your wins, never sweating your misses. Acknowledge and address them when creating content. Feel safe looking at them straight in the eye.


The Abundant Consumer aka Rich Bitch Friend :

Do you realize that money is just printed paper? This means that we as creators, we too can create value on the fly. Some people know this more than others. Think of those people, there are more than one, who consume + consume, buy + buy without breaking a sweat. Yes they exist, think of characters you might have seen on television, movies or books. Price, package and sell keeping them in mind. They are your friend and want two of everything you have.

When you combine these three archetypes and make them your primary audience, you talk about yourself with purpose, joy and confidence. Never play to the haters. Know that just like there are haters there will always be your triad!

Staple Postings  

Gather multiple images that explore each of the listed themes. Watch the introduction video for clarity and we will be discussing them in depth during our sessions.


1. Selfies: Tale agency of your self-image and put yourself forward as the artist you want to be now.


2. Favorite Work of Art: Point out your magnum opuses. Curate your own body of work and share it, over and over.


3. Tools: These are part and parcel of a studio practice and practice is how you become a master. Share this aspect of your studio.


4. Process: To you your practice is second nature, to an outsider it is an act of magic. Share your process, the good and the ugly that goes into your craft.


5. Offering / Sale: Take inventory of your work and show people how to support you, how to buy into your practice.


6. Context: What conversations do you want your work to contribute and form part of?


7. Personal: Share what gives your work humanity. Where are you from, what are your hopes and dreams? You choose what you want to share, know there is someone who looks like you, who feels like you, seeking reflection and validation. Your work can offer that.

two core concepts 

  1. Consistency: Creating the perfect post means nothing if you only do it once. Commit to crafting and posting once or several times a week, you choose. Deliberately commit to posting for the next four weeks. This is how you will see results and achieve your goals.

  2. Underdog: Unlike any other occupation, being an artist comes with a multitudes of preconceived notions supported by myth and romanticized notion of what makes a real artist.  While we might come from darkness or be part of historically marginalized groups, in order to successfully come from a place of power we must embody this feeling of “Wholeness” body and soul, if only with our imagination to begin.

Call to Action

As you craft your postings ask yourself and let this question be your guide:

What does it look like when I show up from a place of power?

Create an artist selfie to re-introduce yourself to your community. Craft an image from a place of power. Embody your ideal artist self, knowing you are being cheered on and fully supported. Remember that someone is looking for the work you make, to buy, to love and as a reflection to see themselves clearer.


*Have fun with this. Think about some of the portraits / selfies of your favorite artists, writers, and even family members.    


Due date: Saturday March 12th during our Zoom.



Dearest Artist, 

This is your prompt map for week one. Please commit to do the prompt labeled “Homework”. Take a look and explore the different images and how each artist individually approached their posts. We will go over each prompt in our first zoom this coming Saturday. Feel free to start posting from the prompts or wait and craft your post with the group. Have fun!

1 Selfie_edited.jpg
2 Old work_edited.jpg
March 12


ART: Favorite of your prior work 
3 Tools_edited.jpg
4 Unfinished_edited.jpg
5 Offering _edited.jpg
6 Context_edited.jpg
7 Studio Porn_edited.jpg
March 14

Show your hands/ making
March 15

Unfinished work similar to Sunday's post 
March 16

Share something you are selling. 
March 17

Share meaningful places that inspire you
March 18

Studio Porn: Share your creative space 
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Prompt Map

Bootcamp Resources:

Download this app to easily share sales links and share resources. 

Download this app to create free graphics + schedule posts ahead of time.


Use instagram instead of photoshop to edit and save your selfie with filters to use later. 

Have an e-cart where you can direct your audience to purchase your work. This is a great free place to start. 

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