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I am Luis Martin, the Art Engineer. I created this moniker during college to give myself creative license to use art to “engineer” a life that is authentic to me and my vision of who I am and what I can be. At the root of my power is my art practice which I carry out as soul work. 


It is not enough for me to create a pretty picture for display or to sell. I want more, more for me and more for us as a collective whole. I am proof and know first hand the power of art and the creative process to heal, thrive and grow. There is much power when we align our process to our visions into a state of creative flow.


There are endless ways to be an artist, none are right or wrong, none are more noble than any other. What makes you an artist is your willingness to answer the call to create. To make something that comes from you. What makes you a successful artist is allowing yourself to go after what you truly want in your creative life and use yourself as the only metrics for winning. 


Join me as I share with you my gift as an artist, educator and light worker to get your creative practice where you want it to be. Join me to grow, align and share your gift with the #artfam community to achieve something special together . 

Luis Martin is the founder of Collage Dream , a global community of collage artists that come together with the Collage Dream Kits. To join the #artfam go to

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Born in Los Angeles, and based in New York City, Luis Martin began his journey in the art museums of LA where he worked as a teen such as MOCA and LACMA. Moving to NYC at the age of 19, he continued to work at cultural institutions such as El Museo Del Barrio, The Mexican Cultural Institution and MOMA, before attending art school.


His artistic career flourished through self-initiated projects that aimed to create visibility and access to his art practice and that of other artists. He has exhibited nationally and internationally around the world. Most recently in Merida, Mexico where he had a solo show of collages created during his stay. 


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